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Four Words/PhrasesSongAlbum
Sinking, Back down, No remorse, Listening
Disjointed, Regressed, Ill heart, Locked up
Flee, Hybrid dialect, Timeline, Like this
Fall, Sense, Endlessly, Surface
Surprise, Heavy thoughts, Deceit, Away
Eyes, Reverse Psychology, Mistakes, Asking why
Pattern, Gift and curse, People, Kane
Peep, Stylistic Division, Warning, Pain
Dreamed, Wrong, Reasons, Hide
Decorations, Constant, Truth, Dust
Four Words/PhrasesSongAlbum
Brooklyn, Grand Opening, Faithless, I can take
Blinds, Simple, Embrace, Set
Designed, Obsessed, Hands of the clock, Matter
Devastation, Cataclysm, Sadness, Desperation
Bliss, Disappear, Over Again, Break
Mic, Dark Ways, Nightly, Broken spine
Locked Away, Retrace, Grave, So much
Laid to waste, Promised, Alone, Regrets
Game, Cover up, Learned, Back at you
Consume, Worth, Instigate, Clarity

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