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Can you name the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Minions and Bosses?

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hintanswerextra info
Miniongiant rocket
Minionflying mammal
Minionname also means a funny mistake
Minionwalking explosive
Minionbig ghost
Minionaustralian throwing stick brother
Minionmallet brother
Minionfaced sphere that woofs
Minionsame as above, but a different colour
Miniongreen and wears a spiked helmet
Minionflying chickens that lays bombs
Minioncopy mario's every move
Minionorange or blue crab
Miniondrill that cuts through the ground
Minionkoopa troopa skeleton
Minionbecomes an electric disc when it attacks
Minionblue bird that tries to ground-pound you
Minionwasp with orange wings
Minionblack creature with a wierd face
Minionmost famous minion with no arms
Minionsame as above, buts flies
Minionmost famous minion with a metal helmet
Minionhas a pumpkin on his head
Minionblue frog
Minionthrows things at mario from above
hintanswerextra info
Minionice ball
Minionfire ball
Minionbug with a purple back
Minionlava monster that tries to eat you
Minionother lava monster
Miniondinosaur skull
Minionwind-up bowser look-alike
Miniondifferent type of ghost
Minionpink guy that spits rocks
Minionspits rocks
Minionspits rocks quickly
Minionbowling pin
Minionplant that tries to bite you
Minionthe top of a tall cactus-like creature
Miniononly appears in Flipsville galaxy
Minionrollers, only appearing in Slipsand galaxy
Minionfires lasers at you when you get too close
Minionskids on water
Miniontiny blue blobs
Minionkisses you
Minionsea creature that moves its head at you
Minionhas a spiked shell
Minionbig purple plant slamming his head on you
Miniononly on 'Storming the Sky Fleet'
Minionjumping spider
Minionspider hanging from a piece of silk
Miniontwo-sided enemy
Miniongiant stone slab that tries to squish you
Minionred spinner
hintanswerextra info
Minionsmall yellow spinner
Miniongiant stone cubes with one open side
Minionminion of Major Burrows
Minionsame as before, but works a cannon
Minionspiky sea creature
Minionrelated to thwomp
Bossappears on the very first level
Bossin charge of spiny-throwers
BossMegalegs' drilling brother
Bosshungry dragon
Bossgiant beetle
Bosslooks a bit like a Pokemon
Bossmario's arch-rival 1
Bossmixture of a snowman and a clown
Bossevil robot
Bosskill her by her belly
Bossmario's arch-rival 2
Bossstands in a sinkhole
Bosssits in a cannon-firing car on an ice rink
Bosscontrolled by Bowser Jr.
Bossin Super Mario 64
Bosshungry dragon in flames
Bossfinal battle, mario's arch-rival 3
Bossin SMG1, starts in an egg
Bossin SMG1
Bossin SMG1, mole boss
Bossin SMG1, rock monster
Bossin SMG1, 'starts in an egg' in flames

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