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Igneous rock with crystals, formed when magma cools inside earth
Breakdown of rock into small particles
boundary that occurs when two plates slide apart from each other
process by which igneous or sedimentary rock is changed chemically and subject to heat and pressure
resource that replaces itself unless badly mismanaged.
a naturally occurring, pure, non-living substance found in rock.
all the life on earth, including humans
Loggers remove every tree, leaving a barren landscape behind.
Minerals that release energy when burned. (Coal, natural gas)
bacteria and viruses that enter lakes and rivers from a variety of sources, esp. sewage
lines of latitude
Industries that provide a wide range of services that support primary and secondary industries and society in general.
Wearing away of Earth’s surface followed by the movement to other locations of materials that have worn away.
mineral that yields a metal when processed. (Gold, silver, iron).
maps that provide many types of information on one map.
cause people to want to immigrate to a country
Used to extract mineral ores located deep in the Earth.
also known as cyclonic, occurs when warm air is forced to rise above cooler denser air, along the polar front
low-density development surrounding a city
system is used to decide which people will be allowed to become economic class immigrants
70 / pop. growth rate
glaciers that move from high to low elevations due to gravity
when plates slide/grind past each other along faults
This method involves clearcutting only part of a forest. Groups of seed-bearing trees are left standing so their seeds can regenerate the logged area.
long term patterns or trends which prevail in a region
These rocks are formed by eroded igneous rocks that are deposited in horizontal layers, which is then compressed by the weight of seas and other sediments on top.
__% of Earth is covered in Water
________ occurs when Earth's crust cracks.
Igneous rock without crystals, formed when magma cools outside earth
scale that uses words to describe the relationship between a distance on a map and a specific distance on Earth’s surface.
___ °C too cold for plants to grow
pop / area
era when Appalachians were formed; second era
circular movement in a gas or liquid created by uneven heating, causes tectonic plates to move
Used to mine minerals that are found near the surface, but that also may extend deep into the ground.
Earth's crust and solid parts of the mantle
when two plates slide towards each other forming asubduction zone or a continental collision
This method consists of only harvesting only mature trees of the desired size, type, or quality.
Well-established source of energy such as oil, natural gas, coal, hydro and nuclear energy.
resource that can be used only once. (Oil)
different horizons (layers) in the soil and the rock layer (bedrock) below the soil. Each horizon has different physical, biological, and chemical characteristics.
day to day state of the atmosphere (temperature, moisture, precipitation, wind, pressure, etc.) in an area
earliest era
well-balanced mixture of sand, silt, clay and humus
Antarctic Circle
Used to mine oilsands, coal, and other minerals that are located in horizontal layers near the surface.
found in topsoil, rich in organic materials
Industries that involve processing primary industry products into finished goods.
a graph that depicts population distribution by age and sex
last layer in soil is the _____________, which are the mineral materials from which soil is made. Usually from bedrock or glacial deposits.
industry that brings money into the community
blanket around earth, layer of gasses extending upward for hundreds of kilometers
type of precipitation that occurs when heat warms the ground and the air above warms, rises, expands, cools, condenses and precipitates
a combination of mineral and organic layer, it is lighter brown in colour
________ occurs under compression when forces act towards each other, such as when plates collide.
a transition zone between the deciduous and coniferous forests. An area where both types can grow.
scale that is like a special kind of ruler that is divided into units of distance.
A supercontinent that included all of Earth’s land masses. It existed from about 300 million to about 200 million years ago.
process in which water moves upward and evaporates from soil, leaving behind the minerals that were dissolved in it.
tropic of capricorn
Industries that take raw materials from the natural environment.
when moist air rises due to high elevation
Non-metallic minerals such as salt or asbestos, used by industry and manufacturing. The minerals that are neither metallic nor fossil fuels.
a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster
Age of the Dinosaur; third era
lines of longitude
These rocks are formed by igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks which are subjected to heat and pressure.
industry that cycles money within the community
farms common in densely populated areas, tend to be small and grow perishable items
North Pole
process in which minerals are removed from soil by water as it moves downwards through the soil.
Number of Timezones in Canada
At least 5 months with average temp above ___ °C for trees to grow
The least harmful but most obvious form of water pollution. Easily spotted, so cleanup is relatively simple. (Floating garbage, old tires, paper litter)
cause people to leave their country
Arctic Circle
farms usually occurring in low density areas, large, highly mechanized, few workers, less perishable products
glaciers that move under their own weight.
all the water that is on, above and below Earth’s surface
school for aboriginal children taken away from their families in order to be assimilated with European culture
South Pole
Present Era
Industries involve the processing of ideas rather than products
tropic of cancer
maps used if you want to examine the characteristics of a small area of Earth’s surface in detail; include symbols, elevation, and grid system
Non-conventional energy source such as solar, wind, and biomass energy.
scale that is a ratio and is showed in from 1:X
maps that are designed to show information on one particular topic or theme
most dangerous form of water pollution results from chemicals in our lakes and rivers. Usually colourless, odourless and tasteless. ex. pesticides and herbicides
soil composition

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