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QUIZ: Can you name the Rush songs from A-Z?

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A'Suddenly you were gone...'
B'There's no bread... let them eat cake'
C'I'm young enough not to care too much...'
D'...the answer is automatic'
E'We're the ones who have to fly'
F'skin as thick as thieves'
G'against the run of the mill'
HAcoustic guitar instrumental (DADAAD tuning)
I'It seems like only yesterday...'
J'bright unbroken beams'
K'it's tough to be so cool'
LSong with a violin solo
M'I wish I had their dreams'
N'Art as expression, not as market campaigns'
O'another chance to score'
P'Knight of wands against the hour'
RSanctuary song (from the shire)
S'Fantasy for sale'
T'A lifetime of questions'
V'send your impulse round the world'
W'save us from ourselves'
XEpic song famous in part for the double-necked instruments used while performing it.
YIntro is in 10/8 time

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