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Forced Order
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Dwight is forced to hide in a box. 1
Jim puts Dwight's stapler in Jell-0.1
Kelly slaps Michael.1
Michael burns his foot on a George Forman grill.2
Jim and Pam kiss after Jim declares that he is in love with her.2
Meredith flashes Michael.2
Jim makes Dwight's new ID, labels Dwight as a security threat, and changes his middle name from Kurt to 'Fart'. 2
Dwight discovers that Oscar is gay while Michael and Jim go to lunch at Hooters. 2
Michael and Oscar kiss.3
Dwight stands on a box with 'Liar' around his neck.3
Andy spends an entire day sabotaging Dwight, and this eventually leads to Dwight resigning to protect his relationship with Angela.3
Michael and Dwight drop a watermelon off of the roof.3
Creed dyes his hair black with printer ink.4
Dwight creates an avatar named Dwight Schelford to escape to Second Life and Second Second Life, and Jim creates an avatar named Jim Samtanko to spy on Dwight. 4
Toby puts his hand on Pam's knee, tells everyone he is moving to Costa Rica, then runs and hops the fence.4
Michael fires Stanley as a joke, and Pam wears glasses after leaving her contact solution at Jim's house. 4
Jim uses a stopwatch to keep track of how much time Dwight wastes during the day.5
Dwight makes a fake fire for safety training, and Stanley has a heart attack.5
Andy drunk-calls Angela and tries to set Oscar up with two guys.5
Michael, Pam, and Ryan drive a van that says 'Hallelujah Church of Scranton' in Korean to deliver paper. 5

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