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Can you name the words or phrases with the word short in them?

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Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken Jr, and Derek Jeter to name a few
A quicker route between two places
A garment that covers the waist and the upper leg area or a 2009 Robert Rodriguez film
Unleavened bicuits with a crumbly texture
One of the railroads that appears on the original Monoply game
A highly controversial song written by Randy Newman in 1977
A brief fiction narrative
The trading of real estate before forclosure
Doesn't last a long time (e.g. memory)
A chef who provides quick service and a limited range of entrees
To cheat someone by not returning enough money
A technique used by investors to try to make money off shares they believe will fall
A movie that is not feature length
Dessert traditionally made with strawberries but can be with other fruits
Transmissions that can travel farther than AM or FM radio
A symbolic writing style that increases speed compared to normal method of writen language

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