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A:Monicas boyfriend season 1 who all friends love
B:first name of actor who plays elizabeths dad Paul
C:What phoebes brother frank.jr leaves in her guitar case when she is busking before they know eachother
D:Name of Phoebes gay husband
E:Monicas ideal girl baby name
F:Phoebes only nephew
G:Phoebes cop boyfriend
H:Joeys bedtime penguin pal
I:Monicas workplace in pilot
J:Place where Ross goes in The Last One by mistake
K:Joeys alter ego he uses on women
L:Emilys ex who Ross plays rugby with
M;Monicas name when she meets the girl who stole her credit card
N:Kathys co-star who she cheats on Chandler with
O:Janices catchphrase
P:Surname of Phoebes alter ego she uses many times. Hint: There is something wrong with the left.......
Q:According to Phoebes crossword what is the capital of Peru
R:Phoebes navy boyfriend played by Charlie Sheen
S:Intentionally bad date phoebe sets Rachel up on he also got high while interviewing Monica for job
T:One of Chandlers co-workers thought Chandlers name was...
U:Phoebes twin sister
V:Character Joey played in his play boxing day where he goes to space
W:Runner-up miss oklahoma who comes onto Chandler in Tulsa at Christmas
X:Where Chloe works the girl with the belly-button ring who Ross sleeps with when hes on a break
Y:Country Chandler pretends to move to so he can avoid Janice
Z:Rachels boss at Ralph Lauren

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