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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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HintFour Letter Answer
Can follow here, forth, or sop, or precede in or out
Preferred headwear for the fashionable safari-taker
Buddhism has an eightfold one of these
A more appetizing way to describe goose liver paste
Judge, appraise, rank
Learning based on memorization and repetition
One by any other name would smell as sweet
The third option, after win or draw
The X-Files' oxymoronically named Gunmen were this
You might find this with the wind
Former vice-president Al
The Devil did this to Prada
What a vendor presents for sale
The moon will do this after waxing
Waste not, unless you'd like to get this clue
Will not, is how you will get this clue
Comic Sans, Helvetica, Wingdings
Having warm feelings toward
One may be ionic or covalent
What Beckham does, according to movie titles
A droplet of sweat
After you whip the cream, do this to the eggs
This might make you leave the kitchen
A sense of weight or heaviness
You just won't get this clue right, no matter what
HintFour Letter Answer
We shouldn't forget, this means 'for fear that'
Exam, quiz, trial
Shakespearean for stormy weather, 'tempest-____'
A legal term, oddly reminiscent of cake
Natalie Imbruglia's default state of mind
Forsaken by love
Old folk tales are used to pass this down
Stringed instrument of Ancient Greece
No Viking funeral would be complete without one
The SS Minnow's Skipper was brave and this
In the Buffyverse, your daddy (or mommy) vampire
Counterpart to Madams
A pretentious person might put these on
A sick person does this
Apparently fragile element to many athletes' knees
What apostles perform
Partner of Crafts
Partner of Aphrodite
Found between dos and cuatro
Found between Mon and Wed
Files a lawsuit
Tattooine has two of these
Costs you don't expect to recover are this
A vacuum and a broken vacuum both do this

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