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Can you name the four letter words in this themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Answer
The overhead sound of a jet as it flew
This is a Doctor that Jack Kirby drew
Jim Morrison's one (Ray Manzarek too)
A grassland that might get covered in dew
An emotional state experienced by you
Examples are oak, maple, poplar and yew
A dog's way of asking you 'How d'you do?'
The sound of a magical rabbit's debut
A game in a hall one would play with a cue
Deceive, put one over, bamboozle, outdo
For giant pandas, this is chiefly bamboo
An actor will hope for this kind of review...
...but if he does this, he might hear a boo
This type of foot might be found at a zoo
An obstacle one might have to jump through
What you might mean when you say Number 2
A type of decision one might start to rue
Petruchio's *this* to Katherine's shrew
Body part often times seen as taboo
Internet-lingo for rank ingenue
A secluded cranny one can retreat to
Hint4-Letter Answer
If you do this twice, it could be deja vu
Here's where you'd weave all that wool from your ewe
E. M. Forster had one with a view
A type of bird that a scarecrow might shoo
The Captain who tries to thwart Peter Pan's crew
You might wear this if you lose your shampoo
A word for cross when it's seen from a pew
Under the ground's where this tree system grew
An overachieving genus of shoe
The granting of this gift may well be a coup
A crazy, a dingbat, a nut or cuckoo
A lawyer'd suggest you'd get this if you sue
The sound you might hear from a passing choo-choo
They did this to your order at the drive-thru
To make things like roux, or a stew, or fondue
A crotchety guy, once his years accrue
This can be found in a chimney or flue
How to describe what will shortly ensue
This might be waxing or waning or blue
This is a point not worth going into
Huzzah and Hooray! Yippee and Yahoo!

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