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Can you name the three and five letter words in these two themed word ladders?

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Three Letter Word Ladder
●To honour Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26),●
● it's Free First Answer That Isn't Really a Word Day!●
● (DRO) ●
To celebrate Sibling Day (April 10), you might decide to hang out with this guy 
On Halloween, there's a good chance you'll meet someone saying this 
On Cow Appreciation Day (July 12), listen to your favourite bovine say this 
On Love a Tree Day (May 16), you might want to do this to the lawn around the tree 
Many a Christmas present will sport this extra flourish on the wrapping 
On Bikini Day (July 5), head to the beach
and show this off
On Christmas Eve, the children are snugly nestled here, dreaming of sugarplums 
● On White Shirt Day (February 11), the appropriate ●
● garment might be sml, ___, or lrg ●
Celebrate well-trimmed goatees and handlebar mustaches on ___'s Grooming Day (August 16) 
Hobbit Day is hard to pin down, as the Gregorian and Shire calendars are this many days apart 
On Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), you might refer to this cask of wine 
You can celebrate this King of Egypt
on November 4th, King ___ Day
On Baby Day (May 2), you might celebrate by playing peek-a-boo with one of these 
Barbie Day (March 9) celebrates one of the most famous examples of this ever made 
On Morse Code Day (April 27), this synonym for attempt is spelled — •—• ——•— 
● On Grammar Day (March 4), celebrate this suffix ●
● meaning 'belonging to' or 'connected with' ●
Five Letter Word Ladder
● INTERNET _____ ●
On Robbie Burns Day (January 25), many of these whisky measures will be served 
Obviously, the person who observes
Drawing Day (June 11) does this
On Stress Awareness Day (April 16), we should all reflect on what is stuck in our collective _____ 
On No Tobacco Day (May 31), there should be none of these spit-producing chews around 
There will be many of these friendly conversations on Salespersons Day (March 1) 
On Weatherman's Day (February 5), you can learn if it's cold enough for these thick jackets 
You'll certainly be scanning the seas for these on Marooned Without a Compass Day (November 6) 
You'll have to take these off to properly enjoy
Wiggle Your Toes Day (August 6)
Saxophone Day (November 6) will elicit all sorts of squeals, honks, and _____ 
Honour your hammer, drill and circular saw on Worship of _____ Day (March 11) 
Employee Appreciaton Day (March 1) is for the person who _____ away for the greater good 
If you properly observe Dog Day (August 26),
you'll see these wag
There will be epic and minor ones of these on
Moment of Frustration Day (October 12)
Labour Day is often the last chance to visit these summer exhibitions 
Make up a fanciful story on Tell a _____ Tale Day (February 26) 
● Cheescake Day (July 30) celebrates arguably the ●
● pinnacle achievement of this kind of product ●

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