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HintFour Letter Answer
Spanish greeting
Full nelson, kimura, arm-bar or figure-four leglock
A courtroom disturber might be ____ in contempt
What follows when Death is on a pale horse
Fatal flaw when attempting to bluff in poker
Bluish-green color
A secretion from the eye
Whaler-speak, '____ she blows!'
Asgardian Avenger
Shakespearean address
Slang for pants, as in 'to drop ____'
A horse's gait between walk and canter
What braggarts do to their own horns
Anti-pollution slogan -- 'Give a ____'
One who entertains guests
Rammstein song 'Du ____'
Command that precedes 'Who goes there?'
A sword's handle
Traditional Scottish garment
You can come to Sporcle to do this to time
Saw, flour, or pepper follower
HintFour Letter Answer
Generic business slogan -- 'We go the extra ____'
Can contain gold, coal, or diamonds, for example
To long for
Sherlock Holmes accessory
English poet Alexander
Cereal slogan -- 'Gotta have my ____'
Enemy combatants detained during wartime
Advertisers insist that ____ the time to buy
You read this in your local paper
What a seamstress does
Female pigs
French word for under
An Arabic open-air marketplace
Nickname for MLB's Greek God of Walks
Investigative reporting slogan -- 'On ____ side'
To send liquid from one container to another
'Duckface' is a version of this facial expression
The opposite of starboard
A type of court case
Ripped, ruptured, slashed
One of your options at an intersection

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