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Number of subunits in NMDA receptor?
Distance between membrane at electrical synapse?
Glia in adult CNS?
Number of subunits in Kainate receptor?
Usual resting membrane potential (mV)
Extracellular concentration of chlorine (mM)
Usual reversal potential of K? (mV)
Usual reversal potential of Cl? (mV)
Intracellular concentration of calcium (mM)
Extracellular concentration of sodium (mM)
Number of subunits in AMPA receptor?
Usual reversal potential of Ca2+? (mV)
Intracellular concentration of potassium (mM)
Number of Brodmann areas?
Number of subunits in nACh receptor?
Threshold potential at the axon hillock?
Intracellular concentration of sodium (mM)
Number of subunits in GABAb receptor?
Intracellular concentration of chlorine (mM)
Extracellular concentration of calcium (mM)
Size of small, clear vesicles? (range)
Neurons in adult CNS?
Size of large, dense core vesicles? (range)
Distance between membrane at chemical synapse?
Usual reversal potential of Na? (mV)
Usual threshold (mV)
Extracellular concentration of potassium (mM)

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