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Can you name the Hypothal and pit hormones?

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Released fromHormone nameNotes
HypothalamusStimulates ACTH
HypothalamusStimulates LH, FSH
HypothalamusStimulates TSH, Prolactin
HypothalamusStimulates GH
Hypothalamus(Somatostatin) Inhibits GH, Prolactin, TSH
Hypothalamus(PIH) Inhibits prolactin
Anterior pituitary(Somatotropin) Targets most tissues except CNS
Anterior pituitaryTargets Mammary glands
Anterior pituitary(ACTH) Targets Adrenal cortex
Released fromHormone nameNotes
Anterior pituitaryTargets adipose tissue
Anterior pituitaryTargets adrenal medulla, gut
Anterior pituitary(a-MSH) Targets melanocytes
Anterior pituitary(TSH) Targets thyroid gland
Anterior pituitary(FSH) Targets gonads
Anterior pituitary(LH) Targets gonads
Posterior pituitary(ADH) Targets nephons
Posterior pituitaryMultiple targets

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