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Length of action potential (ms)
Rate of AP at Purkinje fibres (impulses per min)
Rate of AP at SA node (impulses per min)
Intracellular K (mM)
Time for fast Na channels to inactivate? (ms)
Nernst potential for Na (mV)
Resting cardiac sarcomere length (micrometers)
S-T interval takes (ms)
Nernst potential for Ca (mV)
ESV during severe exercise? (ml)
Inward Na gradient x
Fast Na channel opens at (mV)
Time that L-Types Ca channels remain open ms
Lowest diastole potential in cardiomyocytes? (mV)
P-Q interval takes (ms)
Atrial systole takes? (ms)
Background Na and funny current Channel Erev?
Normal resting afterload? (mmHg)
Extracellular Na (mM)
T-type Ca channel opens at (mV)
Normal resting ESV? (ml)
HR for severe exercise? (bpm)
Normal resting EDV? (ml)
Diastole takes? (ms)
Q-T interval takes (ms)
Normal resting heart rate? (bpm)
Conduction velocity through cardiac muscle (m/s)
Conduction velocity through AV node (m/s)
R-R interval takes (ms)
EDV during severe exercise? (ml)
Intracellular Ca (mM)
% of Ca2+ for contraction removed to ECF by Na/Ca exchanger
% of Ca2+ for contraction that comes from SR
% of Ca2+ for contraction removed to ECF by Ca2+ ATPase
Outward K gradient x
Intracellular Na (mM)
Extracellular Ca (mM)
Fast Na channel reactivates at (mV)
Extracellular K (mM)
Conduction velocity through HIS/Bundle branches/Purkinje (m/s)
% of Ca2+ for contraction removed to SR by ATP-Ca pump
Speed of upstroke in SA node (V/s)
Lowest diastole potential in autorhythmic cells? (mV)
Nernst potential for K(mV)
Speed of upstroke in cardiomyocytes? (V/s)
Ventricular systole takes? (ms)
Inward Ca gradient x
L-type Ca channel opens at (mV)
Rate of AP at AV node (impulses per min)
What current causes the notch after peak depolarisation?

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