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Can you name the Xiaolin Showdown Characters?

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Dragon of Water
Dragon of Wind
Dragon of Fire
Dragon of Earth
Master of the Xiaolin Temple
Flying dragon who can sense Shen Gong Wu
Evil Boy Genius
Heylin Witch
Extremely powerful Heylin warrior. Sometimes reptilian.
A very grumpy Garbanzo.
Renowned Xiaolin Master. Wields a weapon that shares his name.
Feline themed villian.
Xiaolin Dragon responsibe for imprisoning [Character 8] in a puzzle box.
Warrior of destruction composed entirely of Shen Gong Wu.
Out of shape ninja. *Bonus if you can name his dog*
Bear themed crime lord. Traded robot parts for Shen Gong Wu.
[Character 1]'s friend from New York. Became a Xiaolin monk only to discover his master was on the Heyin side.
Russian on the Heylin side.
One-eyed monster.
Avian servent of [Character 10]. Originated in the Ying-Yang World
Actually a Shen Gong Wu. Powerless when covered in soot.
Robotic servants of [Character 7]. Appear in varying forms throughout the series.
Evil flower with a French accent. Can only be destroyed by the Moonstone Locust.
Spirit of mischief imprisoned in the Mosaic Scale. Possessed [Character 4]

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