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Now and then I think of when we were together, but now you're just somebody that I used to know.Real
I just have to get to that glowing ball before the ghost-Oh look, cherries!Fictional
Arrest me all you want! I'm still bi-winning! C'mon bro I've got tiger blood. Real
Just because I'm half human doesn't mean I have to show emotion. Live long and prosper.Fictional
As the third highest paid comedian in America (as of 2009), I'd just like to say, 'I kill you!'Real
Just because you have to get past three sharks and an army of jellyfish doesn't mean you can't find me. I'm in Sydney!Fictional
I've had an amazing basketball career but I think I'll my hand at baseball. You know what? I'm coming back to the NBA. And maybe make shoes...Real
Release me from this ball so that I may shock you with my cheeks. Fictional
Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you have to risk your life for a paratrooper that you don't even know and sometimes you just want to shout 'YOU ARE A TOY!'Real
I may look like a clown, but I actually do very good charity work. What's that? No my burgers do not cause obesity!Fictional
When you see or hear me, it probably takes you by surprise and may make you a little bit angry, but I'm Never Gonna Give You Up. You'll probably laugh afterwards, too.Real
I'm not doing anything until you give me one of my treats. Haunted House you say? Better make that two snacks. Fictional
I was a ruler but not a king. I could have been king, but decided against it because I had just finished freeing everyone from a king. I also leave false teeth. Real
Doh! I'm going to Moe's. Since when does beer hurt anybody?Fictional
Look for any of my heros and you can find me. I am the king of cameos!Real

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