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Sam is a recovering...A
Cheers takes place in...B
Woody gets elected to Boston'sC
Sam's ex-wifeD
Coach's first nameE
Cliff likes to brag about his trip to...F
Rival bar G
The bar con-manH
Diane carves hers and Sam's into the barI
Name of the book that Diane wroteJ
Celtic who worked at Cheers as a bartender and played for their basketball team.K
Carla's only child who's father Carla never married.L
Name of the restaurant above the barM
Carla's first (ex) husbandN
Sam challenges Diane to a ping-pong match to prove that she isO
Coach's last nameP
Sam used to be a __________ for the Red SocksR
Diane's (first) ex-fiancé S
Growing up, Cliff always wanted to be a T
Cliff works for the U
Norm's wifeV
Sam reads this to impress Diane and SumnerW
Sam and Rebecca first kiss on Evan Drake'sY
Carla's second husband was killed in an accident involving a Z

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