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QUIZ: Can you name the The ultimate justin bieber quiz?

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lower case for all the answerswhat is his favorite color
 whos his girlfriend
 whats his favorite candy
 whats his favorite number
 how old is he
 where was he born
 how many siblings does he have
 whats his sisters name
 whats his brothers name
 whats his moms name
 whats his dads name
 whats his favorite kind of pie
 whats his first album called
 whats selenas favorite color
 what time was he born
no commaswhat day was he born
 what day of the week was he born
 how high can he count in german
 is he afraid of elevators
 does he speak fluent french
 whats his favorite cereal
 whats his middle name
 does he share keshas birthday
the number not the wordhow many kids does he want
put the timewhat day was justins first tweet
 whats his favorite animal
 how old was he when his parents got divorced
 how many times does he say never in never say never
 who is justins hair dresser
justin told a german girl this and she faintedwhat is i love you in german
 if justins water bottle still has water at the end of his concerts he does this
 does he like clowns
 how many times does he say smile in u smile
 what is his step moms name
 how many people in america are named justin bieber
what is the popular slurpee place calleehow much did he weigh when he was born
 does he like bananas and grapes
 does he have an ipad

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