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Can you name the musical experiments by collective cadenza?

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Opus 1
Those aren't the words? 
Opus 2
Birds in the trees do this 
Opus 3
I LOVE Facebook 
Opus 4
France; food, architecture, music 
Opus 5
Opus 6
Quintet of Low Strings 
Opus 7
What a Wonderful World 
Opus 8
Gotta get a girl somehow 
Opus 9
What were those old music players again 
Opus 10
Lots of Sound 
Opus 11
NYC, Music 
Opus 12
We try so hard, but they keep listening to pop 
Opus 13
What was that? 
Opus 14
Germany, France, Austria, England 
Opus 15
Google Zeitgeist 
Opus 16
Will Smith stars in... 
Opus 17
Girls get a guy by doing this 
Opus 18
Old Couples, Great Music 
Opus 19
Opus 20
Opus 21
Opus 22

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