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1869Leo Tolstoy
1949George Orwell
1922James Joyce
1955Vladimir Nabokov
1929William Faulkner
1952Ralph Ellison
1927Virginia Woolf
8th CenturyHomer
1813Jane Austen
1321Dante Alighieri
15th CenturyGeoffrey Chaucer
1726Jonathan Swift
1874George Eliot
1958Chinua Achebe
1951J. D. Salinger
1936Margaret Mitchell
1967Gabriel Garcia Marquez
1925F. Scott Fitzgerald
1961Joseph Heller
1987Toni Morrison
1939John Steinbeck
1981Salman Rushdie
1932Aldous Huxley
1925Virginia Woolf
1940Richard Wright
1835Alexis de Tocqueville
1859Charles Darwin
440 B.C.Herodotus
1762Jean-Jacques Rousseau
1867Karl Marx
1532Niccolo Machiavelli
4th CenturySt. Augustine
1651Thomas Hobbes
431 B.C.Thucydides
1954J. R. R. Tolkien
1926A. A. Milne
1950C. S. Lewis
1924E. M. Forster
1957Jack Kerouac
1960Harper Lee
1962Anthony Burgess
1932William Faulkner
1903W. E. B. Du Bois
1966Jean Rhys
1857Gustave Flaubert
1667John Milton
1877Leo Tolstoy
1603William Shakespeare
1608William Shakespeare
1622William Shakespeare
1609William Shakespeare
1855Walt Whitman
1885Mark Twain
1901Rudyard Kipling
1818Mary Shelley
1977Toni Morrison
1962Ken Kesey
1940Ernest Hemingway
1969Kurt Vonnegut
1945George Orwell
1954William Golding
1965Truman Capote
1962Doris Lessing
1913Marcel Proust
1939Raymond Chandler
1930William Faulkner
1926Ernest Hemingway
1934Robert Graves
1940Carson McCullers
1913D. H. Lawrence
1946Robert Penn Warren
1953James Baldwin
1952E. B. White
1902Joseph Conrad
1958Elie Wiesel
1960John Updike
1920Edith Wharton
1969Philip Roth
1925Theodore Dreiser
1939Nathanael West
1934Henry Miller
1930Dashiell Hammett
1995Philip Pullman
1927Willa Cather
1900Sigmund Freud
1918Henry Adams
1964Mao Zedong
1902William James
1945Evelyn Waugh
1962Rachel Carson
1936John Maynard Keynes
1900Joseph Conrad
1929Robert Graves
1958John Kenneth Galbraith
1908Kenneth Grahame
1965Alex Haley and Malcolm X
1918Lytton Strachey
1982Alice Walker
1948Winston Churchill

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