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Can you fill in the missing names from The LEGO Movie plot description?

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Forced Order
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The main character is called
who is a construction worker in a town called
where he finds the mysterious relic,
which causes him to be interrogated by
who is one of the henchmen of
who is head of a company known as
which intends to end the universe with a super weapon called the
which the interrogator tells him about before being saved by
who takes him through a portal to a sector named
where they find a wizard called
who teaches him about a mythical being known as
before being discovered by the antagonist and being saved by
who flies them into the sun, taking them into the sector of
where they go up a rainbow into the world of
where, after being introduced by
they meet their fellow Master Builders in a building called
where they are interrupted by the pirate remains of
who tells them his tale of attacking the main antagonist's building with his group known to him as
before the main characters are attacked again, and escape with another Master Buider and spaceship fan
into the sea, eventually meeting MetalBeard again on his ship
where they devise a plan to infiltrate the antagonist's building, when they realise they need a part called a
which is when a spaceship, containing a hyperdrive, named
appears, which has its hyperdrive stolen, causing the ship of
to be destroyed, after which they infiltrate the building know as the
where the group split up, and two of them are nearly discovered but save themselves by singing
but are still defeated, and the antagonist destroys the piece which the main character goes after, meeting a boy called
who returns the main character to his home town and then they destroy the super weapon, but are attacked by the creatures from the planet

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