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What is the name of the main city?
How did the fairy tale characters get to Storybrooke?
Who is the 'Savior'?
What is the Evil Queen's curse name?
What is Prince Charming's curse name?Name one of his names
What is Mary Margaret Blanchard's job?
Who is Emma's and Regina's child?
Who was Regina's first love?
What did Regina make to make sure Emma didn't break the curse?
Who ate the poisonous apple tart to make sure Emma wasn't tricked into eating it?
What creature brought Emma and Snow White back to the Enchanted Forest?
Who did Emma and Snow meet when they came back to the Enchanted Forest?Name one of them
Who died when they came back?
Who is Regina's mother?
Who is Henry's father and Rumpelstiltskin's son?
Who tried, but failed, to take the heart of the Queen of Hearts?
Who killed Cora when trying to save Rumpelstiltskin?
Who came to Storybrooke right after the curse and after Cora died?Name one of his names
Who also came to Storybrooke after Cora died?
What land do Greg and Tamara take Henry to to 'destroy all magic'?
Who is Rumpelstiltskin's father?
Who else is Peter Pan?
What is Henry's nickname in Neverland?
What is the name of the place Peter Pan tricks Henry to going to 'save magic'?
Who came New York after going to the Enchanted Forest and back?
How long were the fairy tale characters in the Enchanted Forest?
Who is the Wicked Witch in the West?
Who is Zelena's Father?
What is the type of magic Zelena has?
Who is Emma in the Enchanted Forest?

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