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On Jeopardy, who does Gloria guess is basketball's all-time leading rebounder?
Name the two African countries whose flags cover the backboards on the court where Billy makes his hook shot?
Who does Sidney claim once played at their court, and suggested that Sidney play summer pro?
Name the beaten finalists in the Brotherhood Tournament.
Which four words does Sidney have for Billy?
Name the apartment complex where Sidney lives.
What does Billy bring Gloria in bed, prompting an argument which makes Billy briefly leave the home?
So sure of victory in the first game, Sidney says it wouldn't matter if they here?
Which poet does Junior quote?
Sidney says the money is safe in the hands of his rotund friend because 'the...ain't open'
Which band does Billy call **** and Sidney call good music?
Which Hendrix song does Billy play which starts their argument?
Which Laker makes the slow-motion shot which they somehow watch live and celebrate?
Accoring to Billy, black and white men want to do what in a different order?
Billy asks Sidney how many dinners this...set his family back?
What does Sidney tell Gloria are kind of fly?
What does Sidney say when Billy opens the door to him?
Last word Billy says as he walks away from the court after winning the shoot-out against Sidney?
Name the masked robber.
Where does Billy tell Gloria that they don't allow white people?

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