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Name the English teacher.
What does Perry call his mother's alcoholism?
Where do Perry and Joey travel to?
Which Wanderer does Emilio punch after they have beaten the Ducky boys?
What song do they sing in the car after playing elbow tit?
Perry's first line?
Who does Terror say will die if he joins the marines?
Name the black Fordham baldie.
How many Wongs are there?
What time on Saturday do Richie and Clinton agree to fight?
How does Emilio describe the people Joey draws?
What is Joey's phone number?
I didn't know ..... made sports jackets
Name Perry's mum.
What do the wanderers buy Richie as a gift for his bachelor's party?
Which singer does Richie see through the bar window after following Nina?
What meal does Despie's dad plan for her and Richie to celebrate her pregnancy?
How old is Perry?
What songs plays as The Wanderers make their comeback in the football match?
Name their school.

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