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Eddie asks Tom if he would like what for his head?
What did Caspar's son have for lunch?
Name the horse which suffered the racing mishap.
What does Leo say he is sorry about when he arrives at Tom's apartment?
Where does Tom suggest that he, Mink and Verna could go together?
Who does Leo send to spy on Verna?
Which county in Ireland does Caspar mention?
Which room is Bernie staying in at the Royale?
What is Caspar coaching his driver on in his final scene?
What does Caspar tell Tic-Tac and Frankie that they owe his son?
What does Tom hit Frankie with after giving Caspar the high hat?
What is Leo still an artist with?
What does Tom never say, and dislike people who say it?
Who gave Caspar's son a prize?
Verna calls Eddie Johnny Caspar's ...?
Where does Bernie tell Tom he will start eating if Caspar isn't dealt with in two days?
Which 'gorilla' does Bernie use to place bets?
What does tic-tac say just before Eddie is about to shoot Tom?
What does Caspar hit Eddie in the face with?
Last word Verna says to Tom?

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