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Out of 10, what rating does Daniel give the macaroni?
Name Daniel's 'love interest'. First name will do.
Which word does Terry Silver's female aide use to describe Mike Barnes?
What does Mike say to Daniel before dramatically causing minor damage to a small tree?
What is Terry Silver covered in, besides shame, after getting battered by Miyagi?
What do Silver and Kreese say in unison when they share a pre-beating bow?
Name Silver's two teenage henchmen.
Extreme situations require...
What does Silver tell Daniel 'won't win the tournament'? But it did.
Which technique did Miyagi teach Daniel, in the film's only intenionally funny scene?
Name the company which Terry Silver is president of.
Where does Silver pay for Kreese to take a relaxing vacation?
Which part of Daniel does Kreese will Silver to make bleed?
Kreese's first name is
Which Asian island does Silver dump toxic waste in?
Name the karate tournament.
Which cinema character does Daniel facetiously suggest may have punched the club-pest?
Okay to lose to opponent, must not...
Mike's parting shot to Daniel's female friend after their first meeting?
Which war did Kreese and Silver serve in, despite the fact that the actor playing Silver was 11 when US military involvement in the conflict ended?

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