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Forced Order
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Where did Shelley once buy Murray a trip to?
What is Bruce Nyborg's wife called?
What does Roma order at the bar?
What is second prize in the sales contest?
Where does Moss say he is going before he leaves?
What type of car was first prize?
What does Williamson say he is paid to do to his sales force?
What does Roma say it is not a world of?
How many thousand dollars did the Nyborgs sign a deal for?
Where does Dave say he will go to before the Como Inn?
What does Blake tell Shelley to put down?
What cue does Roma tell Shelley to tell Roma?
Where does Lingk buy land?
Which company does D. Ray Morton allegedly work for?
What does Shelley eat at the Nyborg home?
How many years has Blake been in sales?
What does Jerry Graff buy a list of?
Name the client who Roma claims would not sign a deal, even after divine intervention?

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