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Stallone's character is, seriously, called John...
Film's opening sequence is set in which year?
Which magazine does Edgar Friendly mention in his bizarre rant?
When Simon Phoenix prepares to thaw allies, inhabitants of which city are excluded?
In which year does the majority of the film take place?
What type of burger does John eat?
Which other Stallone character does Simon Phoenix mention?
Name the policeman who joins Friendly's underground team?
How did John's wife die?
What does Simon Phoenix eventually decide that Dr Cocteau reminds him of?
Which body part does Phoenix take from Smithers?
Where is the only place where you could view a gun?
Name the only restaurant to survive the franchise war?
The only words John says as he is sentenced.
The only synonym for coitus John says which has ever been said outwith this film?
How do they wish someone a good day in Santa Barbara?
What do they say to pacify someone?
Which nation does Phoenix enhance his heel status by insulting in the museum?
What is John's only programmed skill?
What does John shout before jumping from the helicopter, then repeat near the end?

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