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What does Molley suggest that Larkin might be recycling?
On which date is Cameron Poe due home?
Which part of the prison did Billy Bedlam do his time?
Name Diamond Dog's book.
In which city does the film end?
What song is playing after the plane has left Lerner air field?
Name Casey Poe's bully.
What does Cameron predict his unborn daughter will be when he talks to his wife's gut in the bar?
Cyrus like to claim he has killed more men than ...
Johnny 23 has 23 convictions for what?
Name the criminal pilot/fire engine driver?
Where does Cyrus tell Vince that he is taking the plane?
What was written on the side of the plane that the transponder was put on?
Which medication does Baby-O need to stay alive
Which language does Cameron learn on tape in prison?
Which 3 words does Larkin mime to his colleague's amusement?
Which Russian writer does Larkin quote?
What does Johnny 23 say people would call him if they knew the truth?
Gag and bag this... ...
What does Diamong Dog nickname Poe?

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