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Eddie's mum's profession.
Name Dave Hedgehog's daughter.
Their phone number?
Richie's only girlfriend?
How old is the man who buys champagne for his daughter's birthday?
Whose photo is said to be underneath the fridge?
Who does Richie say used to drink Absinthe?
Who does Richie have a naked collage of in his wallet?
Eddie's favourite football team?
Which film does Richie choose to display in his aborted game of charades?
What does Richie ask the old woman who interrupts his imaginary phone call?
Name the man who assaults Richie after he complains that his newspaper wasn't delivered.
In the sex shop, which three words does Richie use to describe his sex life?
Which shop is Spud Gun in when he thinks about baked beans?
Which American novel is mentioned in the episode where they go camping?
Which master counterfeiter do they offend?
Name the barman.
Name the barman's niece, who works in the bar in one episoide.
Which actor does Richie receive a birthday card from?
Which part of London do they live in?
What is a wangle?

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