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Glanton's second last word
Name the disgraced reverend
Which type of animal is killed in the final bar scene?
Which name is shared by two men?
The Judge's surname?
Name Glanton's killer.
Who taught the judge how to speak Dutch?
Name the captain whose head was pickled.
Where does said captain say that there will never be a God?
The kid is shot by a boatswain: from where?
Which bodily fluid does the judge solicit from the gang in order to make gunpowder?
In which state was the kid born?
Blood Meridian or...
Which body part has Toadvine been docked of?
Name the Vandiemenlander.
Name the idiot.
In which state does the kid first meet the judge?
First word in the novel?
Last word in the novel?
Musical instrument played by the judge in the final scene?

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