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Can you name the element missing from each related set?

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SetMissing ElementConnection
Dragon Roost Cavern, Earth Temple, Forsaken Fortress, Ganon's Tower, Tower of the Gods, Wind Temple
Ballad of Gales, Earth God's Lyric, Song of Passing, Wind God's Aria, Wind's Requiem
Bird's Peak Rock, Islet of Steel, Needle Rock Isle, Outset Island, Overlook Island, Private Oasis
Gonzo, Mako, Niko, Senza, Zuko
Dragon Roost Island, Forest Haven, Greatfish Isle, Mother and Child Isles, Outset Island, Tingle Island, Tower of the Gods, Windfall Island,
Fado, Makar, Medli
Blue Chu Jelly, Boko Baba Seed, Green Chu Jelly, Joy Pendant, Knight's Crest, Red Chu Jelly, Skull Necklace
Abe, Rose, Zill
Diamond Steppe Island, Fire Mountain, Private Oasis, Seven-Star Isles, Two-Eye Reef
Ganon, Gohma, Helmaroc King, Jalhalla, Kalle Demos, Molgera
Five-Star Isles, Forsaken Fortress, Overlook Island
Great Deku Tree, Jabun
Bokoblin, Darknut, Mighty Darknut, Moblin, Mothula, Phantom Ganon, Stalfos
Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle
Ivan, Jan, Jun-Roberto
SetMissing ElementConnection
Bomb Island, Crescent Moon Island, Diamond Steppe Island, Five-Star Isles, Greatfish Isle, Star Belt Archipelago
Page, Swordsman
Cliff Plateau Isles, Eastern Fairy Island, Greatfish Isle, Mother and Child Isles, Needle Rock Isle, Private Oasis, Star Island
Bomb Island, Crescent Moon Island, Five-Star Isles, Flight Control Platform, Headstone Island, Northern Fairy Island
Father's Letter, Moblin's Letter, Note to Mom
Beedle's Chart, Great Fairy Chart, Island Hearts Chart, Octo Chart, Platform Chart, Sea Hearts Chart, Secret Cave Chart, Submarine Chart
Ankle, Knuckle, Tingle
Dragon Roost Island, Forest Haven, Forsaken Fortress, Gale Isle, Tower of the Gods
Fado, Fairy Queen, Ganon, Great Fairy, King of Hyrule, Laruto
Blue Potion, Elixir Soup, Fairy, Forest Water, Green Potion, Red Potion, Water
Eastern Fairy Island, Mother and Child Isles, Northern Fairy Island, Southern Fairy Island, Thorned Fairy Island, Two-Eye Reef, Western Fairy Island
Bait, Spoils
Anton, Gossack, Linda
Blue, Dark, Green, Red
Bomb Island, Rock Spire Isle, Windfall Island

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