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Can you name the Protagonists of series that contain someone else's name?

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Chrno CrusadeShe's in a contract with Chrono
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood TrailThe main character is following the trail, not creating it
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaIt's the guy who has to deal with Haruhi, not Haruhi herself
BeelzebubBaby Beel's 'Daddy'
To Aru Majutsu No IndexFinds Index on his window. Bad Luck insues
NoeinWell, it is technically himself, but not exactly...
MariaholicThe lesbian. Not her male roommate, the transvestite
Rosario + VampireHis blood is delicious. Tastes human. Wonder if that's why the titular vampire likes him?
Jigoku ShoujoAfter a certain point in the series. He gets more screen time than she does, even if it's still about her.
BeckThe main protagonist. The dog isn't the main protagonist
Yumekui Merry/Dream Eater MerryUses his abilities to help the title character find a way back home.
Dantalian No ShokaHe does seem to read a lot of books, but has nothing on the titular Dalian
HellsingWell, that's his employer.
Soul EaterSoul Eater Evans' partner
Eureka SevenHe's in love with Eureka and her co-pilot
GankutsuouThe count's 'friend'. Let's leave it at that.
Katekyo Hitman RebornThe title refers to the tutor, not the protagonist
Tetsuwan Birdy DecodeTechnically his body is still represented
Howl's Moving CastleShe doesn't own it. She just cleans up after the owner
Princess MononokeI doubt that this prince had San in mind when he thinks of princesses
Spice and WolfThis human amuses Holo the Wise
Kuroshitsuji/Black ButlerHe is the Queen's dog, but he is still Sebastian's master
InuyashaSit Boy!
Love HinaHis predecessor's name. She preceded him in managing the Hinata House
Ah My Goddess!It's more what the main protagonist would likely say
Shakugan No ShanaThe Mystes associated with the titular Flame Haze
RahXephonPossibly cheating, but the pilot, not the mecha, is the answer
Zero No Tsukaima/The Familiar of ZeroThink about it: Who does the title actually refer to? Or better yet, not refer to?

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