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Song TitleAnimeSong Number
FiestaOP 6
MusoukaOnly OP
Kimi + Boku = Love?OP 1
Kimi No UtaOnly OP
Ano Sora wo, IkeOnly OP
Paper MoonOP 2
Kimi ni Fureru Dake de OP 3
BartenderOnly OP
Cloud Age SymphonyOnly OP
Super DriverOP 2
Taiyou Wa Yoru Mo Kagayaku OP 2
Missing LinkOP 2
CrawlOnly OP
My Soul, Your Beats!Only OP
Guns & RosesOnly OP
SynchronicityOVA OP
SunshineOP 2
Someone ElseOnly OP
Hey!!!OP 3
Sorairo DaysOnly OP
KeyOnly OP
Casting DiceOnly OP
ObsessionOnly OP
Smile BombOP 1
IdeaOnly OP
Love Letter no Kawari ni Kono Uta oOP 2
Breakin' ThroughOP 1
Seisai no RipenoOP 2
Hishoku no SoraOP 1
Dragon Soul OP1
Sousei no AquarionOP 1
Through the NightOnly OP
Song TitleAnimeSong Number
Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!!OP 2
Super ShooterOnly OP
Core PrideOP 1
Boys & GirlsOP 2
Ma・KA・SE・TE TonightOnly OP
Innocent BlueOnly OP
Platinum OP 3
FriendsOP 1
ConnectOnly OP
Doubt and TrustOP 3
Last Inferno OP2
What's Up, People?!OP 2
Battle CryOnly OP
ebullient futureOnly OP
No Boy, No CryOP 6
SpellOnly OP
Toumei Datta SekaiOP 7
You're The OneOP 3
Tell Me WhyOnly OP
Senritsu No KodomotachiOP 2
Hitomi No TsubasaOP3
Deep in Your HeartOnly OP
Ashita no KiokuOnly OP
Kokoro No Chizu OP 5
Ao No RequiemOnly OP
The Biggest DreamerOnly OP
PrayOP 1
Cha-la Head Cha-la OP 1
Calendula RequiemOP 2
Perfect BlueOnly OP
No FutureOnly OP
AlsatiaOnly OP
Long WayOP 4
Song TitleAnimeSong Number
euphoric fieldOnly OP
Colors of the HeartOP 3
Bomb A Head!Only OP
Shounen HeartOP 2
PSI - MissingOP 1
StrayOnly OP
Cosmic LoveOP 1
Sakura KissOnly OP
LEVEL5 -judgelight-OP 2
Stone ColdOnly OP
LionOP 2
Butter-flyOnly OP
Secret WorldOnly OP
Tabi no Tochuu OP 1
Jet Boy Jet GirlOP 2
Daybreak's BellOP 1
Tank!Only OP
Uragiri no YuuyakeOP 1
Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi niOP2
SwingingOP 1
Just CommunicationOP1
Ambivalent WorldOP 3
One ReasonOnly OP
Koi wa Suriru, Shokku, SasupensuOP 8
Red FractionOnly OP
RoseOP 1
One Day, One DreamOP 5
Justice OP 2
Sakasama no ChouOP 1
Gouing! Going! My Soul!OP 1
Trust You ForeverOP 2

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