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Ending SongAnimeEnding number
Bukusou Yume UtaED 3
Friends ED 2
Gekka ReijinED 2
Found MeED 2
Let It OutED 2
Kesenai TsumiED 1
Trust MeED 1
Stay BeautifulED 23
CanvasED 4
Still DollOnly ED
Mad SurferED 20
Shinkirou Only ED
ShissouOnly ED
Suicide's Love StoryED 1
ButterflyED 2
Changin'ED 8
Namida BoshiED 1
Aishuu No BoleroOnly ED
Tip Taps TipED3
Zetsubou BillyED 2
Sayonara SolitiaOnly ED
I'll Be Your HomeOnly ED
Yasashii YoakeOnly ED
Hinageshi No OkaED 1
Houki BoshiED 3
Do You Feel Like I Feel?ED 2
Maze ED 1
Bacchikoi!ED 8
Light of DawnED 1
You Won't See Me ComingOnly ED
Ride on Shooting StarOnly ED
WindED 1
Ringo BiyoriOnly ED
Ending SongAnimeEnding number
Waiting So LongOnly ED
Nagareboshi~Shooting StarED 1
Dance Under the Velvet MoonOnly ED
Tobira No Mukou EED2
Namida No HurricaneED 2
Brave SongOnly ED
Homework Ga OwaranaiED 1
Namae No Nai MichiOnly ED
Hare Hare YukaiED 1
Shunkan SentimentalED4
Yoake Umarekuru ShoujoED1
BraveheartOnly ED to this OVA
Why, or Why NotOnly ED
Hiru No TsukiED1
HimegotoED 1
Rock of LightED to Series' 2nd movie
And ForeverOnly ED
Antoinette BlueED 4
Answer ED 1
Tsunaide TeED 3
Cause DisarrayOnly ED
La Divina TragediaOnly ED
Dango DaikazokuOnly ED
Be Your GirlOnly ED
Lithium FlowerOnly ED
Over The SkyOnly ED
My WillED1
I'm Alive!ED1
Lost HeavenMovie ED
Danzai No Hana ~ Guilty SkyOnly ED
Omna MagniOnly ED
Ending SongAnimeEnding number
ShineOnly ED
Maru Kaite ChikyuuED 1
Real Folk BluesOnly ED
Kimi Ni, Mune KyunOnly ED
Tsuki No IeED 2
This NightED 2
Life is Like a BoatED 1
MagiaOnly ED
Cry No MoreED 2
Baka Go HomeOnly ED
Fallen AngelOnly ED
Mozaiku KakeraED2
ChanceOnly ED
Broken WingsOnly ED
Don't Say LazyOnly ED
CallingOnly ED
I WillED 4
ParadeED 12
Shika No UtaOnly ED
Last KissOnly ED
GravityOnly ED
Saigo No KajitsuED to a 3 episode OVA
TransparentED 2
Hoshi AkariED 1
Purinsesu Mu-nED1
Mezamero YaseiED 4
Take OffOnly ED (So far)
Fly Me To The MoonOnly ED
Ray of LightED5
Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate desu Only ED

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