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What year was Far Cry 3 released?
What is the name of the island?
In what ocean is Rook Island located?
Who is the villain?
Who is the protagonist?
Who does Jason find at Hoyt's compound?
In the beginning what is Vaas holding in his hand?
What is the name of Jason's older brother?
What is the name of the village at the beginning of the game?
Was it daytime or night in the beginning of the game?
What three animals does Jason have tattoos of?
Who saves Jason after he has fallen off a bridge and into a river?
Far Cry 3 has a _____ and night cycle.
Activating one of these expands the map.
What faction dominates Rook Island?
What is the name of the faction that opposes the Pirates?
What color do the Pirates wear?
Who is 'the man in white'?
Dr.Earnhardt sends Jason on a quest to obtain what? {in a cave}
Yes or No? One of the animals in the game is a cassawary.
What item does Buck ask Jason to get for him in exchange of letting his friend, Keith, go?
What type of transportation do Jason and Oliver use to escape from the pirates?
'Did I ever tell you the definition of _____?'
What is the name of the plant that gives luck?
What object protected Jason from a gun shot from Vaas?
What city were the group of friends in prior to reaching Rook Island?
Vaas tries to kill Jason by... 10) strangulation 11) drowning 12) burning 13) gunshot
True or False? Jason defeats Vaas.
What game do Jason, Sam, and Hoyt play?
What does Willis give Jason so he can get to South Island?

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