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Who does Denholm describe as 'The Jewelery man'?Member of 'The A Team'
What were the names of the Prostitutes that Moss and Roy hired while in Amsterdam?N/A
What is the new emergency number?20 digit number
Jen bought size 5 shoes, what was her actual shoe size?Roy: 'What size are you? [size]?
Who composed the wooden prince?A: Bartok or B: Chopin
By getting the question wrong on Who wants to be a millionnaire, how much money did Daniel lose?£__,000
What obsecure object was sitting in Moss' DVD tray in his computer?Also the name of the 2008 Bejing Olympic Stadium.
What is the name of Richmond's favourite band?It's not literally one.
What track number was recommended to Denholm's mother, by Richmond at his father's funeral?Name of Track is Coffin Fodder
What artist does Bill Crouse sugguest he and Jen listen to after their date?2013 studio album called 'Momentum'
What is the name Roy uses to get the magazine, 'Penelope's Fancies'?Works in the department of Shulupust.
What's the name of the girl Roy goes on a letch for on 5?Judy or Julie
What was the reason Moss told Jen to escape trouble?N/A
What was Bill Crouse's address?N/A
What was the name of the project that Roy, Moss and Jen had no credit in?N/A
What animal was on the poster that Jen wanted taken down?A type of Ape
What was the website that was dedicated towards Moss and Roy's symptoms?N/A
What does Richmond aliken Aunt Irma's Symptoms to? It was an animal acting like a similar animal
Who does Roy consistantly think that Moss' psychiatrist is?a relation of Roy's
How many dead cyclists were Denholm's fault?N/A

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