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Who is the oldest in BTS?
Who is the youngest in BTS?
In which era did Suga have mint green hair?
Which member is often teased for his height?
V and which other member got arrested in the 'Run' MV?
When did BTS debut? (
Who confessed their love to the girl in the 'Boy in luv' MV?
Who did BTS have a 'face-off' with at the 2014 MAMAs
Who is the 'sunshine' of the group?
Which member produced Suran's song 'if I get drunk today'
Which member shows a slight resemblance to EXO's Baekhyun?
What is the name of J-Hope's Vlive dance show?
Who played the role of a mother in the concert VCR 'House of ARMY'?
Which sports brand does BTS often promote?
What is the name of V's character in 'Hwarang'?
Which member rapped to 'Tony Montana' with Suga?
What is Rap Monster's IQ?
Which member was supposed to debut in EXO?
J-Hope, Jimin and which other 2 members were backup dancers for the group GLAM?
Where was BTS's 'NOW 1' filmed?

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