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In Mystic Falls, the original vampires bring hell upon the residents and the main goal is to protect Elena.
This show strives to teach two children of their fathers mishaps on the way to the alter with their mother. Its legen-wait-for-it-dary!
Men, Manolos, and four feisty chicks dictate this comedy from HBO.
Nancy just can't get it right on this Showtime comedy about going from a housewife to a heavy moneymaker - even if it means dipping into something illegal.
In an effort to showcase the contemporary dynamics of extended family life, this show gives us countless laughs - especially when they center around the hilariously hot Gloria
Physics is the name of the game, but comedy is the end result on this comedy that centers around the eccentric Sheldon Cooper
In this North Carolina town, the drama is non-stop as Lucas swims his way through life and love.
Vampires rule on this HBO drama in which japanese scientists created a synthetic blood drink allowing the vampires to live amongst people.
This show features two brothers hunting out the evil demons that their father hunted for 22 years.
Six twenty-somethings learn how to make it in NYC and comfort us for ten seasons along the way. They will always be there for us.

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