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Goes by Clark Kent and hates green glowing rocks
Only human ever to dodge an Omega Beam
Uses speed force and is said to be the strongest flash
Batman dropped him in a chemical basin. He melted like plastic. He was a common thief.
Trained heroe's such as Black Canary
Married to Oliver Queen
Survived for many months on the island of 'Purgatory' before returning to Starling City
The only African American Green Lantern and often uses his powers for freedom
The man from Mars
After crashing his spaceship of Earth, He helps fight for equality in the south along with Rocket
Earth's first Green Lantern
Carries a mace and is married to Hawkman
The first Nightwing
Leader of the League of Assassins
Name of Blue Beetle 1
Name of Blue Beetle 2
Name of Blue Beetle 3
Test Pilot and Green Lantern who is said to be the most powerful and without fear
Know for is fiery red hair and attitude (Green Lantern)
Name of Gorilla often fought by flash
Arthur Curry or King of Atlantis
Superboy's Father
Made a facility to take down superman contains both human and kryptonian DNA
Superhero from the future is often partnered with blue beetle
The only non adult in the justice league. Is said to be as strong as Superman.
The keeper of Fate
Created by T.O Morrow. Betrayed his master and became good
Terry McGinnis
Summoned by Merlin when Camelot was destroyed
Daughter of Doctor Fate's one human host. Also a member of the Justice League
Husband of Big Barda. Is the only person to escape from Apokolips's prison.
Member of the suicide squad. Trained under O-Sensei
Member of the suicide squad and loves boomerangs
Flash often fights him. Moves Mirrors
Is scared by his father's brutal treatment of him. Is never serious and is always smiling
The most famous Amazon warrior
Leader of Apokolips and producer of Omega Beams
Son of Darkseid and major leader of New Genesis
Jason Todd
Airforce Pilot Nathaniel Adams
Helena Wayne daughter of Batman and Catwoman
Mother of Damian Wayne
Batman's sidekick is known for his circus background
Famous for his 'Fear Toxin'
Dictator with balance related powers
One eyed assassin. Killed Batman
Never misses a shot
Strong Zombie with no brain. Because of his wooden composition Green Lanterns ring is not effective against him.
Supergirl from an alternate earth
Leader of the Yellow Lanterns (Fear)
Who killed Barry Allen's mother

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