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What is the main focus at the beginning of the movie?
Where does the feather land on forrest?
In what year was Forrest Gump released?
Where is Forrest from?
Who was the first person Forrest talked to?
What did the doctor say about Forrest's back?
What was Forrest's IQ
Where was Forrest's father?
What did mama say vacation meant?
Who was the first celebrity Forrest met?
Name of School bus driver
What did Forrest say Jenny was like?
What song was Elvis singing to Forrest?
How many friends did Forrest have in High School
What is Forrest doing when his braces fall off?
What is on the front of the truck chasing Forrest?
Who recruits Forrest?
Where does Forrest play football?
What was Forrest's football jersey number?
Who was the angry little man?
What kind of college did Jenny go to?
How many years playing football did it take Forrest to earn his degree?
What song is playing when Forrest and Bubba land in Vietnam?
What does Lt Dan say was the most important thing to change?
How much was Forrest's wound?
How did Bubba die?
What did Jenny's grandma have that Forrest said was mean?
What word did the man in the american flag shirt like to say?
What did Forrest tell President Kennedy?
What award was Forrest given?
Who did Forrest meet on the tv show?
What did Forrest show President Johnson?
What type of lawn mower does forrest use?
What was Bubba born with?
What did Mrs. Gump die of?
On what day of the week did mama die?
What street did Jenny Live on?
What did Jenny show Forrest how to do?
How long did Forrest run across U.S?
How many times did Forrest cross the Mississippi River
What did Forrest not know he had?
What is Forrest's dad's name?
What is Forrest's favorite book?
What did Jenny pray god to turn her into?
What tv show does Forrest and Little Forrest watch togetger?
What did Forrest call Lt Dan's legs
What were Lt Dan's legs made of?
What did Jenny die of?
On what day of the week did Jenny die?
Where did Forrest have Jenny buried?

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