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Can you name the Every Merlin Coaster Ever?

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Alton TowersB&M Flying Coaster
Alton TowersB&M Inverted Coaster
Alton TowersGerstlauer Infinity Coaster
Alton TowersB&M Dive Coaster
Alton TowersIntamin Accelerator Coaster
Alton TowersIntamin Family Drop Coaster
Alton TowersMaurer Spinning Coaster
Alton TowersGCI Wooden Coaster
Alton TowersMack Rides Powered Coaster
Alton TowersZamperla Junior Coaster
Alton TowersZierer Four Man Bob
Alton TowersVekoma Wild Mouse
Alton TowersPinfari Super Dragon
Alton TowersSchwarzkopf Jet Star 2
Alton TowersVekoma MK-1200
Alton TowersPinfari Big Apple
Alton TowersSchwarzkopf Jet Star 3
Alton TowersSchwarzkopf Shuttle Loop
Amsterdam DungeonMack Rides E-Motion Coaster
Chessington World of AdventuresMaurer Spinning Coaster
Chessington World of AdventuresMaurer Wild Mouse
Chessington World of AdventuresMack Rides Powered Coaster
Chessington World of AdventuresArrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster
Chessington World of AdventuresPinfari Circus Clown
GardalandVekoma SLC
GardalandFabbri Spinning Mouse
GardalandVekoma Mine Train
GardalandB&M Dive Coaster
HintAnswerExtra Info
GardalandB&M Dive Coaster
GardalandS&S Screaming Squirrel
GardalandVekoma MK-1200
GardalandZamperla Powered Coaster
GardalandSchwarzkopf City Jet
Heide ParkVekoma MK-1200
Heide ParkMack Rides Bobsled Coaster
Heide ParkIntamin Prefabricated Wooden Coaster
Heide ParkIntamin Accelerator Coaster
Heide ParkB&M Wing Coaster
Heide ParkMack Rides Powered Coaster
Heide ParkZierer Force One
Heide ParkB&M Wing Coaster
Heide ParkVekoma SLC
Legoland BillundMack Rides Powered Coaster
Legoland BillundZierer Force 281
Legoland BillundZierer
Legoland BillundMack Rides Wild Mouse
Legoland BillundZierer Tivoli Small
Legoland CaliforniaGerstlauer Junior Coaster
Legoland CaliforniaVekoma Junior Coaster
Legoland CaliforniaMack Rides Wild Mouse
Legoland CaliforniaCaripro Batflyer
Legoland DeutschlandMack Rides Wild Mouse
Legoland DeutschlandGerstlauer Junior Coaster
Legoland DeutschlandZierer Force Five
Legoland DubaiZierer Force Five
HintAnswerExtra Info
Legoland DubaiZamperla Family Gravity Coaster
Legoland FloridaMartin & Vleminckx Junior Coaster
Legoland FloridaVekoma Junior Coaster
Legoland FloridaVekoma Suspended Family Coaster
Legoland FloridaMack Rides Wild Mouse
Legoland FloridaZamperla Mini Mouse
Legoland FloridaZamperla Twister Coaster
Legoland FloridaPTC
Legoland JapanZierer Force Five
Legoland JapanZamperla Family Gravity Coaster
Legoland KoreaUnder Construction
Legoland KoreaUnder Construction
Legoland MalaysiaZierer Force Five
Legoland MalaysiaZierer Force 190
Legoland MalaysiaMack Rides Wild Mouse
Legoland New YorkUnder Construction
Legoland New YorkUnder Construction
Legoland WindsorUnder Construction
Legoland WindsorWGH Transportation
Legoland WindsorWGH Transportation
Thorpe ParkIntamin 10 Inversion Coaster
Thorpe ParkMack Rides Powered Coaster
Thorpe ParkB&M Inverted Coaster
Thorpe ParkGerstlauer Eurofighter
Thorpe ParkIntamin Accelerator Coaster
Thorpe ParkB&M Wing Coaster
Thorpe ParkVekoma Enigma Coaster

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Created Feb 15, 2020ReportNominate
Tags:Coaster, Ever, Merlin

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