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Can you name the obscure Pokemon moves from Gold, Silver, and Crystal?

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FlyingMakes slogging through the Whirl Islands worth it
GroundA third, worse, exclusive move! Hooray?
NormalFor when you absolutely, positively, are a baby. Or Snubbull.
NormalPorygon evolves now! Also, it can do this
GrassFlaaffy gets this, but does wool really count?
GhostIts first video game appearance was actually in Trading Card Game
NormalMagikarp learns a third move now!
FireOne of the first two moves to let a Pokemon thaw itself
NormalMight as well use Miltank for something
IceTM16, and only TM16
SteelIf this were in Gen I maybe Pikachu wouldn't've had to AIM FOR THE HORN
NormalA move that screams 'Hey, switch to a ground type!'
NormalSkiddo gets this now too! Enjoy your pre-chevre.
NormalEspeon, heal thyself
GhostGotta take a trip with KENYA to get this one
WaterA delightfully-named move that you'll see much sooner if you get Fisherman Wilton's number
IceFinally, a low-power move for my ice-type starter...wait.
NormalI Traded An Abra From Gen I And All I Got Was This Lousy TM
FightingHeracross + Endure + _______ = Fun Times
FireThe other self-thawing move, turns out!
ElectricChinchou and Raikou needed a bad move to call their own, I guess
NormalAnother baby gimmick--this one's fairy-type now, for some reason
FightingFive generations of uniqueness, ruined by Pheromosa. Increasing power is still neat, at least
DragonOn the plus side, it hits stuff during Fly
FightingDecreased-priority moves suck, but slow-ass Machamp doesn't really care

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