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Can you name the obscure Pokemon moves from Red, Blue, and Yellow?

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NormalExeggcute-exclusive Fury Attack? Why?
NormalWrap, but bad
WaterEveryone loves trapping moves!
NormalPorygon's famous gimmick
WaterA move in search of a physical/special split
NormalNo one learns it naturally, but the TM is in the Safari Zone
FightingThe damage-on-miss formula actually works properly for this one
PsychicNow back in S/M to ruin your Kadabra!
NormalStill exclusive to LOLA after all these years
GrassOddish-exclusive Thrash, eh
BugJolteon > Mewtwo
PoisonWhy does Drowzee learn this awful status move?
NormalThe original TM02, baby
FightingHow many exclusive attacks does Hitmonlee need?!
NormalPorygon's non-famous gimmick
NormalThe Safari Zone is filled with weird TMs, but Squirtle learns this too
NormalCloyster and Omastar demanded their own Fury Attack
FightingTrade your GSC Mewtwo back for this 'invaluable' type coverage
BugBeedrill > Mewtwo?!
WaterOf course Goldeen has an exclusive move

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Created Dec 10, 2016ReportNominate
Tags:Pokémon Quiz, blue, gen, obscure, red, yellow

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