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Can you name the First Law Trilogy Characters?

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Crippled torturer, war hero
Digitally-impaired Northman berserker
Cocky young Union swordsman
'Furious' commoner in the Union Army
Escaped slave, colour-blind devil-blood woman
Named Man scout with a keen sense of smell
The First of the Magi
Sister to #4, lover to #3, a drunkard
King of the Northmen, #2's former employer
Foul-mouthed Named Man with a dark temperament
New leader of the Named Men after the presumed death of #2
Virtual mute, Named Man, excellent archer
Giant Named Man, frequently clashes with #10
The youngest and softest of the Named Men
Giant lisping albino Practical, assistant to #1
Masked Practical with smiling eyes, also assistant to #1
Ruthlessly ambitious Arch Lector, boss of #1
Crown Prince, heir to the Union throne

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