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When was Neighbours first broadcast in Australia?
What is the name of Sonya's sister?
Who pushed Paul of the mezzanine of Lassiter's?
Who did Steph run down while on her motorcycle?
What is the name of Callum's biological father?
Who tries to rob Lassiter's with Mason?
Where does Donna go to fashion school?
Where are Kyle and Sheila Canning from?
What is the name of the fictional street the characters live on?
What does Kyle buy Jade for her birthday?
What year does Marge Bishop die?
How many times have Karl and Susan married?
Who went missing and was presumed dead after a rafting accident in 2009?
What is the name of the school radio station?
What day does Toadie's wife Dee die?
What is the name of Karl and Izzy's daughter?
What is Priya Kapour's profession?
What is the name of Kate Ramsay's son who moves to music school?
Who was Libby and Dan's surrogate mother?
What disease did Steph Scully suffer from?
What is Lucas's addiction?
Who pretends they are pregnant?
Who was the father of Bridget's daughter India?
Which singer played Madge's daughter Charlene Mitchell?
What is the name of Lucas's gay apprentice?
Which doctor does Chris, Kyle and Kate share a house with?
Whose relationship with Kate causes her to lose her job at Erinsborough High?
What is the name of Karl's pet bird?
What is the name of the bar Lassiter's complex?
Who did Steph pretend to get married to to hide the father of her baby?
Who goes undercover to break up illegal street racing?

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