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There's a place that I've found as far as I can see this place lies within the depths of my dreams
Hurtful words to my enemies of the last five years what's it life to die alone
We walked throught the doorway heard you calling from the hall to find you in the bedroom
Mother where are you today you took a piece of me the day you went away
So lock and load, mercenaries, I see the smoke from the hilltop they march one by one
--- are irrelevent now, she loves the way that I tease, I love the way that she breathes
He had a plan to kill you all along the evidenve was hiddin in the song, I was a ghost I was there at the scene as the embers rise
So grab this statement and read between the lines, I'm walking on an edge that's how I stay alive
I hate to be the one to bear the bad news yes it is true I finally fell in love
Oh my god I have the remedy for love I struck the Glass it broke the bones inside my fist
A withered past and a blurry furture my heart's on an auction goes out to the highest bid

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