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ChorusSong Title
--- open yourself up to me and surrender --- we lock out the world and we'll stay there forever
I tripped and fell so deep i cant come down, how did you run into a door thats wide open
Even if this chemistrys catastophe, --- if you dont wanna tase then take a bite right out of me, ---
these eyes, they see more then you know, we're all dresses in our best so take it or leave it
so now you're just in time to throw out my automatic world, it takes non-believers and turns tables around
princess i just wanna witness, watch you severing that --- , i wont say the word, just say the word
The violence playing my song, the orchestra of flesh and bone
ChorusSong Title
spare us the --- we're not lost we just go where we want
if you look everybody is trying on new faces, and the ones that fit are surprisingly contagious
Sparkel and Shine baby light up the sky, I'll feel up your soul, in the dark if you shy
Your building me up just to break me down, you being loud withour a sound, you past me in just to cut me out
Why you dressing up tonight, we dont need money to kill the lights, and why you talkin over it, i dont need words to feel those lips
hide your eyes, mirrors tell the worst lies, cover it up

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