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Forced Order
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'He who makes a beast out of himself. Gets rid of the pain of being a man.'
'Why'd you have to go? You told me was all that you know! Oh how the mighty fall, yeah! Yeah, yeah!'
'Nothing hurts my world. Just affects the ones around me.'
'A moment seen through those eyes. A crystal blue disguise. They say that all beauty must die. I say it just moves on.'
'Ooh, I am. Unbroken. I'm chokin' on this ecstacy, yeah! Unbreak me. Unchain me. I need another chance to live!'
'As time passes by. Regret for the rest of my life. The ones who I confide. Were gone in the black of the night.
'The wind of life and air from above smells of death. Angels sing of the end. There's nothing you say and nothing you try can change time. Human race prepares to die...'
'I give my heart to you. I give my heart cause nothing can compare in this world to you.'
'Can you help me? Occupy my brain!'
'If they had their way, I'd burn in hell. Well you're future's a ****' disaster can't you see. Give them all the power and your future's in desparate trouble, baby.'
'Watch as the death toll rise. Wondering how I'm alive! Stranger's blood on my hands. I've shot all I can. There are no silent nights watchin' your brothers all die.'
'We've all been (title) for most of this life. Everywhere we turn. More hatred surrounds us.'
'A good friend once told me. You are memory. Without them we equal nothing. All I can see is a place I wanna be. Suddenly, my life was so free.'
'[You can't break me!] Crush the fears of yesterday! [You can't save me!] Barriers I trust will fade.'
'[What will you do?] I will suffer for so long. [Not long enough.] To make it up to you. [I pray to God that you do.] I'll do whatever you want me to do.'
'I don't like that you're calling me a liar. And I don't like how you found out I'm a snake. Been sneaking around for far too long now! I act on my own and I'm to blame.'
'I loved you. You were ready. The pain is strong and urges rise. But I see you, when it lets me. Your pain is gone your hands are tied.'
'A shining city built of gold. Far cry from innocent. There's more than meets the eye 'round here, look to the waters of the deep. A City of Evil.'
'So keep it real. Keep it true. Together with my friends, I'll be there for you.'
'Relax while you're closing your eyes to me. So warm as I'm setting you free. With your arms by your sides there's no struggling. Pleasure's all mine this time.'
'This is now your life. [What's it feel like?] Strike you from the light! [Or have they taken your soul?] This is now your life. [What's it feel like?] Die (title)'
'Don't change the way you think of me. We're from the same story. Time goes by. Can't stay the same. For some of us, I'm worried.'
'Raise your head and taste the courage. Fall from grace, unholy knight.'
'There's nothing here to take for granted. With each breath that we take. The hands of time strip youth from our bodies. And we fade. Memories remain. As time goes on.'
'I'll try and help you with the things that can't be justified. I need to warn you that there is no way to rationalize. So have you figured it out now? So have you figured it out?
'Love. Hate. Fear. Liar. Rape. Kill. You'd better take your time. You'd better take it slow.'
'(title) in time. (title) in time.'
'I wanna meet my maker in peace. I wanna feel alive again. So put that smile back on my face. And mix it strong my friend.'
'(title) or die regreting the time you've lost, it's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over.'
'I've had enough it's time for something real. I don't respect the words you're speakin' Gone too far. A clone!'
'Building up inside of me. A place so dark, so cold. I had to set me. Don't mourn for, you're not the one to place the blame. As bottles call my name, (title)'
'You should have known. The price of evil. And it hurts to know that you belong here. Yeah.'
'There's got to be another way to go. A way that's much more feasible. A combination of both these lives. A central path without choosing a side.'
'Look what's happened now. What are the reasons why and how? And don't you think it sounds stupid when someone's treated different cause they're not the same as me or you.'
'We can't let them tear our hearts out. Screaming, pulling on our pride. Stand together for the right cause. One system to our demise.'
'That's right. I shed my skin tonight. And your heartbeat's hard to hide. Cause you know that you're going to die! Yeah!'
'Tell you a story 'bout a (title) who's more comfortable down on her knees. Went to school, got a job, and then she shot it to hell all cause she's born to please.'
'(title) again, I'm feelin' so low. You waste your breath while ****' with me. My blood is so cold. My destination's always unknown. I find my way there.'
'There comes a day when we all find out for ourselves. That once we have the words to say, there's no one left to tell. I know why you're running away.'
'You're on my back when the water gets to deep for you to breath. A crush for you that won't always be there.'
'[Mother] Come back to me it's (title) [Said it all] Come back again it's (title)'
'I hope it's worth it. Out on the highway, yeah. I hope you find your own way. When I'm not with you.'
'I wake up every mornin', bright 'n early. Roll out of bed, but I'm never quite alone.'
'I ain't waiting for a miracle. I ain't waiting for the world to change. Under my skin, lives the reason, under my armor, I've (title)'
'I see you fading away. From us. I miss you very much.'
'I fell so down. Were you around to rescue me? Every note and every word, I'm listening.'
'A lonely road crossed another cold state line. Miles away from those I love. Purpose hard to find.'
'Dust the apple off, savor each bite. And deep inside you know Adam was right. Lust in power. Indulgence. No fear. And with these sins how does this end?'
'Never let it show. This pain I've grown to know. But with all that we've been through, it don't matter when I'm coming home to you.'
'Live through you. Safe with how we've lived our lives. With how it all turned out.'

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