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Can you name the pitchers with the most walks (all time)?

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# of walkspitcherteams played for
2795Mets, Angels, Astros, Rangers
1833Cardinals, Phillies, White Sox, Giants, Indians, Twins
1809Braves, Yankees, Blue Jays, Braves, Indians
1775Senators, Indians, White Sox
1732Robins, Cubs, Browns, Senators, Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, Athletics, Yankees, Giants
1707Hoosiers, Giants, Reds
1665Dodgers, Rangers, White Sox, Marlins
1580Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees, Astros
1566Athletics, Wonders, Phillies, Pirates, Colonels, Senators, Superbas, Cardinals, Blues, Reds
1541Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox
1500Braves, Mets
1497Expos, Mariners, Astros, Diamondbacks, Yankees, Giants
1442Senators, White Sox, Browns, Yankees, Giants, Athletics
1434Braves, Mets, Giants
1431Tigers, Senators, Indians, Cubs
1408Wolverines, Colonels, Cardinals, Red Stockings, Reds, Orioles, Spiders
1396Naps, Indians, Red Sox, Yankees, Browns, Senators, White Sox
1390Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays, Indians
1390Mets, Reds, White Sox, Red Sox
1379Giants, Indians, Rangers, Padres, Yankees, Braves, Mariners, Royals
1375Rangers, Athletics, Marlins, Cardinals, Devil Rays, Indians, White Sox
1371Cardinals, Expos, Orioles, Athletics, Yankees, Red Sox, Mets
1343Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, Angels, Athletics
1332Angels, Indians, Cardinals
1332Colonels, Spiders, Phillies, Athletics, Beaneaters, Reds, Cubs
1322Twins, Rangers, Pirates, Indians, Angels
1312Indians, Giants, Yankees, Padres
1307White Stockings, Colts, Pirates, Giants
1298Atlantics, Grays, Bridegrooms, Grooms, Orioles, Pirates, Colts
1297Trojans, Gothams, Giants
# of walkspitcherteams played for
1295Pirates, Robins, Giants, Cardinals, Braves, Cubs, Yankees
1289Mariners, Expos, Angels, Padres, Indians
1268Beaneaters, Cardinals, Phillies
1263Athletics, Red Sox, Yankees, Browns, Pirates, Senators, Giants
1262Cubs, Padres, Tigers, Braves, Astros, Yankees, Twins
1261Indians, Yankees
1259Indians, White Sox, Dodgers, Yankees, Angels
1255Angels, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, Mets, Yankees
1249Tigers, Indians
1238Tigers, Indians, Hoosier-Feds, Peppers
1233Trojans, Metropolitans, Giants, Phillies
1217Spiders, Cardinals, Americans, Pilgrims, Red Sox, Naps, Rustlers
1213White Sox
1212Beaneaters, Pirates, Cardinals
1203Cardinals, Reds
1201Grooms, Bridegrooms, Superbas, Giants, Pirates
1198Mets, Twins, White Sox, Phillies
1187Athletics, Red Sox
1185Athletics, Giants, Royals
1178Tigers, White Sox, Giants
1175Rangers, Yankees, Athletics, Mets, Twins, Tigers
1165Orioles, Expos, Indians, Mariners, Braves
1163Yankees, Blue Jays, Marlins, Mets
1156Mariners, Athletics, Tigers
1155Cardinals, Beaneaters, Spiders
1151Dodgers, Angels, Orioles, Phillies, Padres, Cardinals
1137Royals, Mets, Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox
1132Unions, White Stockings, Colts, Cardinals
1132Reds, Cubs, Indians
1127Cardinals, Astros, Pirates, Dodgers, Reds, Angels, White Sox, Brewers
1122*Pirates, Red Sox
1121White Sox
# of walkspitcherteams played for
1121Phillies, Reds, Braves
1117*Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners, Phillies
1108Blues, Bronchos, Naps, Highlanders, Phillies, Cubs, Feds
1105Braves, Cubs, Phillies
1104Indians, Twins, Red Sox, Yankees, Pirates, Angels
1099Tigers, Mets, Padres
1095Yankees, Senators
1088Tigers, White Sox, Browns, Athletics, Yankees
1083Senators, Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees, Cardinals
1082Phillies, Reds
1081Dodgers, Indians, Cubs, Orioles, Cardinals
1072Athletics, Terriers, Browns
1069Senators, Twins, Reds, Dodgers, Indians
1068Browns, Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels
1065Colonels, Cardinals, Colts, Athletics, Reds, Spiders
1064Grays, Orioles, Quakers, Bisons, Orphans
1063Phillies, Cardinals, Cubs, Angels
1059Senators, Superbas, Tigers, Yankees
1058Cardinals, Pirates, Phillies, Athletics, Yankees
1058Colonels, Senators, Giants, Beaneaters, Pirates
1049White Sox, Tigers, Browns, Senators, Indians, Phillies, Reds
1046Tigers, Red Sox, Orioles
1042Feds, Tigers, Red Sox, Athletics
1040Indians, Red Sox, Senators, Yankees, Dodgers, Braves
1037Yankees, Browns, White Sox, Senators
1034Giants, Reds, Cardinals, Phillies
1034Dodgers, Rangers, Phillies, Athletics, Blue Jays,
1034Blue Jays, White Sox
1034Dodgers, Athletics

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